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Bear and Wildlife Watching in Lentiira (Kuhmo)

There are three wildlife centers near Lentiira village where you can observe native predators from a hidden stall. The most popular sighting is a bear, but it is not uncommon to also see a wolverine, wolf, golden eagle or other wilderness dwellers.

We work with three individual companies that specialize in wildlife observation. We book the most suitable destination for our guests according to their wishes and availability.

There are small hides for 1 - 4 persons that are suitable for professional wildlife photography with needed equipment and possibility to overnight stay as well.

For bigger group of wildlife and aurora observers, we recommend the new bear house fascility with all modern comfort and necessities. There are also luxury cabins availble for unforgettable overnight stay.


Departure for the hide in the early afternoon and stay in the stall until dusk. The program starts with the initial information conducted by the respective host before entering the hideout.

What to bring

Please bring binoculars, water bottle and perhaps a camera. Be prepared for mosquitoes and inclement weather.

Good to know

Wildlife observation and photography is perfectly safe in the hides. However, it is important to follow given timetables and code of conduct.

The ability to keep quiet is essential because wild animals are shy in regard to humans. Smoking is strictly prohibited during the bear watching program.

Info, snacks and wildlife observation in the hide

Not inlcuded, can be arranged


Lentiira Holiday Village Petäjäniementie 121, 88930 Lentiira sales@lentiira.com +358447288930


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