Skiing enjoyment starts at the front door
#Cross country skiing

Cross-country skiing in Lentiira

In Lentiira Holiday Village there are several skiing trails that run through forests, swamps and on the ice-covered lake. The trail network is best suited for formal crosscountry style.

Lentiira Holiday Village skiing trail network:
– 3 km Lentiira Thrier
– 5 km Lentiira Fiver
– 7,5km Village route
– 10km Torvilampi Tenner

From Lentiira Holiday Village, you can rent forest skis and crickets for an hour, two or a full day.


From the ski trails to sauna´s heat! The package includes a four-hour (4) equipment rental – cross-country skis or forest skis – as well as a smoke sauna shift. Price for two 99 €, extra person 45 € / person. The offer is valid for our accommodation guests during the winter holiday weeks and on weekends until March 27, 2022.


Lentiira Holiday Village Petäjäniementie 121, 88930 Lentiira +358447288930


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