Woman undressing to get into icebath.
#Ice swimming

Ice-Bath in Lentiira

Gather your strenght and take an icebath in the lake! Known for its reputation of various health benefits, winter-swimming is at the same time frightening and rewearding experience! Here are some tips for beginners:

🔥 Warm your body up! Skiing or jogging must be good options. Or you can just do 20 or so X-jumps to feel warm.

🔥 Cover your feet. It's so much easier to handle the situation if your feet are not instantly freezing. A pair of ice-swimming shoes, woolen socks or tennis socks will do.

🔥 Cover your head. Especially when its low tempertures such as -20 degrees, it helps so much when you don't loose body heat through your head.

🔥 Get company. If you are a beginner do not go in the water by yourself. Even if ice-swimming is healthy it is however extreme shock to your body. Have someone to support you just in case.

🔥 Enjoy! There are not many things that gives your body such a thrill afterwards - so, feel the tingling sensations all over your body.

In Lentiira Holiday Village winter-swimming is available daily in the winter season. Our guests can enjoy icebath is free of charge. For occasional guests we offer dressing room and shower facilities for a small charge. To be booked in advance.


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