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Cottage holidays in Lentiira (Kuhmo)

Lentiira Holiday Village offers traditional cottage accommodation in nine cosy cabins in the arctic lakeland Kainuu region, located 45km north from Kuhmo town. The family run company is known for heartfelt hospitality and unforgettable nature experiences since 1967. The most appreciated facility among Finns must be the amazing smoke sauna by the lake. Foreigners might vote for the unforgettable bear watching experience.


Lentiira Holiday Village Petäjäniementie 121, 88930 Lentiira sales@lentiira.com +358447288930


Ma avoinna
Ti avoinna
Ke avoinna
To avoinna
Pe avoinna
La avoinna
Su avoinna


Alkaen 90 €
Cottage in winter season
Sleeping alcove in midsize cottage
Bathroom in midsize cottage
Bedroom in midsize cabin
Traditional smoke sauna experience in Lentiira
Pirtti restaurant in Lentiira
Lentiira Holiday Village from the lakeside