Aurora Hunting Lesson
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Aurora Hunting Lesson

Are you interested in northern lights? Let a professional aurora hunter tell her secrets to you! After this workshop you will know everything about the northern lights. You are going to learn to forecast and photograph the auroras.

First we will have 2 hours lesson indoors. The lesson can be organized on any indoor place, for example at your hotel. You will learn mythology about the auroras. Next we will study what happens in the sun, space and earth’s magnetic field when the auroras are coming.

After this, we will study choosing great photography locations using free tools from web as help and how to set your camera.

Next we will go outside to practise the things we just learned. If we are lucky, we will really see the auroras. On other case we will shoot stars or light paintings.


Koe Kainuu Väinämöinen 9, 88900 Kuhmo +3584578387308


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