Skishoes Rental in Kuhmo Center
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Skishoes Rental in Kuhmo Center

Rent skishoes to explore wintery nature off path! Skishoes are fun and easy to use. They are also great equipment for photographers that wants to shoot untouched landscapes.

Koe Kainuu is renting 3 pairs in the center of Kuhmo. You can pick them up either from Uljaska hostel (Koulukatu 38) or Hotel Kalevala. (Väinämöinen 9) Telescopic poles are included on the package.

Skishoes are a hybrid of a snowshoe and a ski. They are easy to learn even for a person without any experience of skiing. You can wear them with any shoe that's length is in between 24 - 38 cm.


Koe Kainuu Koulukatu 38, 88900 Kuhmo +3584578387308


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Alkaen 20 €