Taste of Kuhmo – Food Experience
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Taste of Kuhmo – Food Experience

Let’s gather on a campfire next to a big lake to enjoy good food and hear stories about the history and life in Kuhmo. The guide will prepare the dinner on the fire and you can take part on the cooking if you like.

This experience can be done at any season. Bad weather is not a problen because we cook and eat inside of a wooden teepee.

Aurora dinner: Let’s have this menu late in the evening (starting from 8 pm) and wait for possible auroras to occur! You will learn facts and myths about the northern lights and get professional photos of the evening as a souvenir!

+1 hour +49 €/person


Rönttönen, local sweet and sour treat


Smoked fish with potato puree and sour cream sauce


Berry quark with caramel sauce


Coffee, tea, water, berry juice. You can bring also your own drinks if you’s like

Vegetarian, lactose free and gluten free options available on request


Koe Kainuu Niska-ahontie 200, 88900 Kuhmo kerttu@koekainuu.fi 0400457806


Ma avoinna
Ti avoinna
Ke avoinna
To avoinna
Pe avoinna
La avoinna
Su avoinna


Alkaen 59 €