2 Nature Trails
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2 Nature Trails

3 – 4 hours

coffee and snack on the campfire included | transport from Kuhmo center/Hotel Kalevala included

2 people 133 €/person, 2 - 8 people 110 €/person | ask the price for groups bigger than 8 people

Visit the beautiful nature of Kuhmo and learn a lot about nature and history on this easy tour! We will visit 2 different nature trails only 15 minutes away from the center.

First we go to Lauttavaara nature trail. Here we see an old forest where we can observe sings of the ice age, plants and perhaps even animals. The trail is 2 kilometers long.

Next we move to the Lentua rapid. This is the largest free rapid in Kainuu area and we can observe it really close from a wooden duckboard. You will learn at the same time some exiting history of using the rapids as transport route for tar. The walk is about 1,5 kilometers.

We will also go to a laavu shelter next to the rapid to make a fire. We will prepare coffee and a snack to enjoy.


Koe Kainuu Koulukatu 38, 88900 Kuhmo kerttu@koekainuu.fi +3584578387308


Ma avoinna
Ti avoinna
Ke avoinna
To avoinna
Pe avoinna
La avoinna
Su avoinna


Alkaen 110 €