Boreal wildlife centren alueella kuvattu ahma.

Would you like to see a forest reindeer, elk, bear, wolverine, wolf, or perhaps the Siberian Jay, believed to be a soul bird in Finnish folklore? In Kuhmo, it is possible. Numerous local businesses have organized opportunities for animal observation and photography. Some of these businesses offer guided tours where you can observe nature and capture what you see along the way. Kuhmo is also home to skilled photographers specializing in capturing animals.

Wildlife Safaris

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Located in Kuhmo, near the Russian border. Opportunities include photography of wolves, bears, and birds, with accommodation options.


Boreal Wildlife Centre

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Viewing and photography locations are in Viiksimo, Kuhmo. The area has been capturing large predators for over 30 years, providing opportunities to see and photograph wolverines, bears, wolves, capercaillies, elk, beavers, and forest reindeer. Particularly, the area has a rich presence of wolverines and bears.

Bear Centre

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Bear Centre is located in Lentiira, Kuhmo (Vartius), offering a total of 29 different viewing and photography hides. The terrain in the area is diverse, providing photographers with an excellent opportunity to capture wildlife at short distances with varied wilderness backgrounds. Food and accommodation available.

Taiga Spirit

Phone: +358 40 746 8243

Opportunity to explore the richness of the Finnish taiga by observing brown bears, wolverines, elk, beavers, and wolves on the eastern border of Kuhmo. Excursions and accommodation available