Hotelli Kainuu

Hotel Kainuu

Hotel Kainuu is located right in the heart of Kuhmo, within reach of all amenities and close to nature as well. The approximately 4-kilometer-long Rantaraitti (Riverside Trail), where you can find culturally significant sites like Pajakkakoski rapids and a lean-to shelter, is situated in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. Within a short walking distance, you’ll find Kuhmo House, Kuhmo Church, Juminkeko, the city library, Tuupala Museum, and numerous other interesting attractions.

In Kuhmo, you can explore not only the stunning nature but also immerse yourself in its culture and learn about Kuhmo’s fascinating history.

The hotel sells souvenirs and kiosk items and also offers fishing permits for sale.

Contact details

Kainuuntie 84, 88900 Kuhmo 08 655 1711