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Riverside Dipper Trek in Lentiira

On this guided dipper trek, you get to marvel at the energetic bird along the riverbanks in Lentiira. The dipper thrives by the flowing water. It dives into the rapids in search of food even in winter frost. In April and May, the riverbanks come alive as swans, cranes, lapwings, and geese gather in the area for a brief rest before continuing their journey northwards.

Due to timing and preferences, we can make the excursion with snowshoes, skis, or by hiking in summer months. April and May we might visit the nearby bird tower as we cover part of the distance by car.

The package includes a guided excursion, snowshoes/skis, and light snacks. Please bring weather-appropriate clothing including sturdy winter boots, and a water bottle. Minimum 2 persons.

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Lentiira with Love Käntinsalmentie 85, 88930 Lentiira +358400677667

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