Journey to the Golden Water Spring at Kainuu Arctic of Finland
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Journey to the Golden Water Spring at Kainuu Arctic of Finland

A spring excursion to a Karelian village and sacred places in nature.

Let's travel to the old sage's homestead and visit sacred nature places.
Welcome to a join a journey to Rimmi village in Kuhmo, and experience a northern destination off the beaten path. Rimmi is one of Finland's three Viena Karelian villages at the Kainuu region of the North-East Finland. During the journey, we will stay at the old sage Rimmin Uljaska's old log house. At the family farm, we hear stories, enjoy traditional delicacies, sauna, and accommodation. Rimmin Uljaska was a sage, who was also an inspiration for the national romantic painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela for his triptych of Kalevala, for the model for the Väinämöinen, the old wise one.

Uljaska's descendants guide us to the mythical Kultalähde water spring in the border zone, for which we need a special permit for our group. On the trip, we get to know the mythology of the springs and the stories related to the Golden Spring. The spring bubbling up as gold is mentioned in written documents as early as the 18th century. On the Tervehys muanšilmä excursion, we visit the spring, looking at the bubbling sand, drink "healthy cups", and give the spirit of the spring a return gift.

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