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Kuhmo Winter: Ethno Music Festival Sommelo

The Karelian-Finnish Kalevala will be sung at the Ethno Music Festival Sommelo’s concert. The members of Iki-Turso Sound Theatre are singing and making their audience sing. Drinks and snacks can be bought from the cafe during the evening.

In 2023 pihla folk started publishing an audiobook of the Kalevala sung. The audiobook is freely available on the internet. The second form of the sung Kalevala project is the performances which interact with the audience where you can join in with a surge of a song and a stir of the stories by singing or listening.

Bring your own Kalevala with you!

Runosingers: Sound Theatre Iki-Turso
Visual designer: Tatu Rouvinen
Project convener & production: Mari Pääkkönen / pihla folk Sibelius Academy’s folk music recordings 184
The project has been supported by: Jenny and Antti Wihuri foundation, Kalevalaseura, Finnish Culture Foundation, Niilo Helander’s foundation & Art Promotion Center

Contact details

Kansanusiikkijuhla Sommelo Kainuuntie 87, 88900 Kuhmo +358503909794

Opening hours

Mon closed
Tue 18:30 - 20:00
Wed closed
Thu closed
Fri closed
Sat closed
Sun closed


Alkaen 10 €