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Wildlife Holiday

This tour gives you a possibility to see and photograph wildlife animals in their natural environment. Animals possible to see are for example brown bear, wolf, wolverine, elk, owls, eagles and several other birds.

We can also arrange a trip focusing on photographing a particular animal, such as a elk. We invite nature enthusiasts to the evergreen forests to look for the European Elk (Alces alces), the largest member of the deer family found throughout Europe. Europe´s biggest mammal is extremely well adapted. You take at dawn or dusk guided safari to meet this impressive mammal - the sound of them in the dusk create a special atmosphere. On the tour you might also see the rare Wild Forest Reindeer (Rangifer Tarandus Fennicus), the wild cousin of the semi-domestic reindeer "Santa's Rudolf" as well as birds. Tour includes transfers, coffee.

Get your camera and hiking shoes ready and step in to the magical world of Wild Taiga!

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