Mythical Hiidenportti National Park
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Mythical Hiidenportti National Park

Did you know that Finland has very wide mythology? In the old times people used to believe in spirits of the forest, goblins and other creatures.

Hiidenportti means ”goblin’s gate” and there are some interesting mythical stories related to the park. On this 6 hour hike we will see the Hiidenportti gorge, old forests and a spot that once had a wilderness farm on it.

The hike will be 5 kilometers and halway we will stop to cook some snacks on the fire. The trail has a lot of rocks and roots so wearing hiking boots is recommended. The tour is suitable for children too.

Transport from Kuhmo or Vuokatti included. The drive is about 1 hour from both towns, since Hiidenportti is located in the border of Kuhmo and Sotkamo.

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Koe Kainuu Väinämöinen 9, 88900 Kuhmo +3584578387308

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