Koko Pykälä kesällä.
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Pykala – Log House Ambiance

Pykälä offers cozy houses for rent, around the year

You can choose from the idyllic Wanha pirtti (Old Lodge, 90 €/day/max 4-6 persons), romantic Keloaitta (Old Farm Storehouse, 40-60 €/day/its Large Suite max 6 persons/its Small Suite max 2 persons) or handsome Honkapirtti (Old Pine Log House, 110 €/day/max 6 persons), or all of them ONLY 300 €/ day!

There are also two Saunas – a separate sauna by the side of the Lähdelampi pond, and electric sauna in Honkapirtti. You can do barbecue at Kelogrilli grill house.

Accomodation for big groups

You can book Pykälä for bigger groups. Pykälä is perfect place to arrange birthdays and small weddings. Pykälä is also excellent base camp for hunting groups.

Rent all the cabins together for only 300€/day! (2 lodges + old farm storehouse)

Dogs are welcome

Dogs are welcome to Pykälä houses. We have also cages for dogs so they can enjoy fresh air even when you want to stay inside.

Get inspired in the middle of the nature

Is the noise of the city disturbing your work? Pykälä is great place for remote workers. The only noise interrupting you is just the birds singing. In the middle of your workday you can for example go for a hike to Sininen polku trail.

Contact details

Pykälä Kekkostie 1381, 88900 Kuhmo jari.talvio@pp.inet.fi +358400507951

Opening hours

Mon 00:01 - 00:00
Tue 00:01 - 00:00
Wed 00:01 - 00:00
Thu 00:01 - 00:00
Fri 00:01 - 00:00
Sat 00:01 - 00:00
Sun 00:01 - 00:00


Alkaen 40 €
Jokainen talo erikseen, grilli ja sauna samassa pihassa. Koko Pykälä.
Honkapirtti auringon laskun aikana.
Keloaitta. Yläkerrasta kauniit näkymät.
Sauna ja lähdelampi.
Vanha Pirtti auringonpaisteessa.
Takapiha saunan suunnasta.
Kelogrilli on uusin osa Pykälää, missä voit grillata ympäri vuoden. .
Pykälä 1960-luvulla.