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The Opening Ceremonies of the Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2023

The opening ceremonies will take place on Friday 24th February in a two-part event. At the Tuupala School there will be an outdoor event including a skiing competition between different cultural groups, music performances, a snow sculpture exhibition and greetings from international guest. The same evening, the program continues at the Kuhmo Arts Centre with small exhibitions from different Finno-Ugric cultures, music performances and greetings. One of the main performers will be Norwegian Sámi musician Torgeir Vassvik with his band. Also Hungarian, Estonian and other musicians will perform.

Contact details

Runolaulu-Akatemia Koulukatu 1, 88900 Kuhmo info@runolaulu.fi +358401798600

Opening hours

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Fri 11:30 - 19:30
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