Taiga Spirit, bear watching
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Wildlife Short Break

This short break of 5 days/4 nights will let you discover and explore the beauty of Finnish wilderness. You will get to experience the taiga forest of North East of Finland, located only a few steps from the Russian border. You will spend two nights in a bear/ wolverine hide from which you can observe them, as well as wolves and other animals. You will be accompanied by a professional wildlife guide in the hide. And for the rest of the stay, you will have comfortable and friendly B&B accommodation in Lentiira

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Taiga Spirit , Nature and wildlife experiences Lentiirantie 4282, 88930 Lentiira info@taigaspirit.com +358407468243

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Alkaen 870 €
Taiga Spirit, bear watching
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Taiga Spirit, wolverine
Taiga Spirit, wolf