Wolverine Photography in Summer
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Wolverine Photography in Summer

April - May In April there is still a very good chance of observing and photographing the wolverines on snow. Due to the size of the wolverine, the frost and hard snow brought about by the low temperatures will help it move more easily.

When the snow has thawed it is possible to photograph the wolverine with its reflection in the calm ponds, and the lush vegetation of late spring and summer make for some beautiful images. In May it is possible to witness cubs of wolverine when they visit in the hide area.

June – August

The transition into summer creates new possibilities for Wolverine photography, most notably the mid-summer sun creating almost 24 hours of light available for photography. This means photographic opportunities are almost endless with regard to the amount of daylight.  

Along with the extended daylight hours, summer also brings new photographic opportunities within the Boreal landscape, where the landscape is green and lush of vegetation. Swamps are carpeted with the iconic flowering cotton grass in June and July, making dramatic images possible from hides such as those on the swamps.  

During summer, adult wolverines are busy foraging for food to feed their cubs, so feeding trips are regular. Eye level windows have been installed in hides 11,15,17-25. These windows offer photographers a unique opportunity to achieve an intimate eye level perspective with wolverine as well as other animals. 

September – October

The activity levels in autumn are at a similar or higher level to the previous months however autumn brings new possibilities for photographers in terms of autumnal colours and scenery.  

During autumn, young wolverine may also bepresent and visible alone as they learn to forage independently from their parents.  

Reflections are possible during September on the lake hides 1-6, and 21-25 where photographers can incorporate the autumn landscape into images with wolverine.

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