Christmas in Finland
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Christmas at Hotel Kalevala

Those who believe, they can see elves scampering through the forest and perhaps go to visit the Santa Claus himself. This remote area Wild Taiga is situated close to the Russian borderline. Private Hotel Kalevala offers the whole family an authentic Christmas feeling - a landscape of snow, Finnish Christmas traditions and traditional Finnish Christmas cuisine.

Christmas land - with Santa and his elves, crosscountry skiing, blue eyed huskies and snowmobile safaris. The old Christmas traditions are still taken care of and appreciated in our Christmas program; fresh baked cookies, a promenade in the forest to find a Christmas tree. Where would it be better to spend this family festive season?


Hotel Kalevala Väinämöinen 9, 88900 Kuhmo +35886554100


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Christmas in Finland
Christmas in Finland
Christmas in Finland
Christmas in Finland