Taiga Spirit , moose safari
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Moose Safari at Lentiira, Kuhmo

The 'Wild Taiga' region invites all nature enthusiasts and photographers to the evergreen taiga forests to look for the European elks (Alces alces). The best season for watching mooses is from May to around mid-August. September is great too, with the stunning colours of 'ruska' in nature. You can take the guided safari either at dawn or at dusk to meet this impressive mammal. Hearing the sound of them at dusk creates a truly special atmosphere. The safari lasts for 2-3h.


Taiga Spirit , Nature and wildlife experiences Lentiirantie 4282, 88930 Lentiira info@taigaspirit.com +358407468243


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Taiga Spirit , moose safari
Taiga Spirit, elk safari
Taiga Spirit , moose safari