Wellness in Finland
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Wellness and Sauna

The sauna is an integral part of Finnish everyday life and celebrations.

Hotel's saunas bring warmth and joy to different occasions. Enjoy also our indoor and outdoor jacuzzis and try our peat and infrared saunas.

In the outdoor hot tub you will experience an unforgettable experience - in summer you can admire a nightless night and in winter you can enjoy the warm water and sparkles under the stars.

Massages, Finnish bone setting or aromatherapy bath relaxes travellers. Finnish traditional bone setting is a method of manipulation of the spine as well as entire body. The method, based on very old traditional Finnish folk medicine, has been found to be effective in treating various forms of physical problems. Avoid strenuous activity after a session. Also refrain from saunas after the treatment.


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Wellness in Finland
Wellness in Finland