Skishoeing Adventure With a Lunch on an Island
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Skishoeing Adventure With a Lunch on an Island

Skishoes are short, wide skis, that are a hybrid in between a snowsnoe and a ski. They are easy to learn and with them you can explore wintery nature off path!

This tour starts from the shore of the Hotel Kalevala. We will ski on top of a frozen lake to go around 1 kilometer to the Harakkasaari island. We can explore around this island that has been formed during the ice age. You will hear alot of interesting stuff about Finnish nature and the ice age.

Then we will make a fire and prepare a light lunch with soup and bread. After soup we will have also coffee/tea.


Koe Kainuu Väinämöinen 7, 88900 Kuhmo 0400457806


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