Bear Photography on Summer
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Bear Photography on Summer


The colours in the beginning of May vary in shades of brown. Green vegetation exists only in the needles of pines, until towards the end of May when the ground has shades of green. In June ground is already covered extensively with green vegetation. In mid-May terrain is still wet from the water of melted snow, after the middle of the month terrain begins to dry up.  

June, July and August

The Finnish summer is light, warm and green, the vegetation is lush and plants blossom. After mid-June birds breeding season is almost over. The birds stop singing but the broods of waterfowl can visit the ponds. The howling of wolves can be heard on calm summer nights from afar and sometimes wolves may come to the hide area whereupon photographing them is possible.

Also wolverines move around the hide area during summertime. Throughout the summer it is light, daylength become longer from early summer, during Midsummer there is the most amount of light when it is light for almost 24 hours. The light on summer nights is enough for photography throughout the night. Sunset is not until late evening and rises during the small hours, the light time is also over an hour after sunset and to same extent over an hour before sunrise.

In the later part of summer the twilight of night lasts only a short time. Sunrise of summer nights is one of the highlights of midsummer that one would wish everyone to experience. In the beginning of August it is also possible to photograph at night, but night can be twilit.

The twilight of the night deepens when the month progresses and by the end of the month there are a few hours of darkness. After mid-August the first signs of autumn colours appear and the air temperature gets colder and as a result of cold nights, mist also starts to form.  

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