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Kokkovaara Bike Tour in Lentiira

On the Kokkovaara bike tour, you can train your leg muscles and get to familiar with the Nordic wilderness as we know it. The highlight of the tour is Rytäniemi peninsula on the river bank allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking views.

The bike tour package includes short briefing accompanied by a route map, a basic bike, and our survival package* + bird tower visit as an additional service.

Description of the trip

To start with, we will meet at the Lentiira Holiday village’s reception where you will learn everything you need to know about the route, everyone’s rights and safety measures. We make sure that you have everything you need including map reading skills, weather-appropriate equipment, and the camping pan and fire-making equipment included in the excursion package.

The Kokkovaara route runs in the middle of the forest along Käntisalmentie and Kokkovaarantie roads. According to our suggested route, you will go around the gravel road Kokkovaaraantie clockwise. At about 9 kilometers, you turn off the main road onto a side path, at the end of which you can leave your bicycle. After about 600 meters hike, you will reach Rytäniemi peninsula, which is a wonderful viewpoint on the river bank. Rytäniemi has a dry toilet and a shed where you can make bonfires and enjoy a memorable coffee break.

For bird watchers, we recommend a visit to the bird tower, where you can observe the waterfowl swimming in Myllypohja's bird lake. The bird tower with its sheds is maintained with private funds on private land. Get access by adding "Bird tower visit" to your online order. You will also get an additional hour to the duration of your bike tour. The bird tower is located along your route about 6 kilometers north of Rytäniemi.

After arriving at Lipukkavaara, you turn right on Kostamustie, from where you can slide back to Käntinslamentie, which leads back to Lentiira. The bikes and tour package will be returned to Lentiira Holiday Village at the end of the tour.

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