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Guided military history tours in Northern Finland

Join an expert on an interesting and current military history trip to the destinations of Northern Finland. Destinations include, for example, Suomussalmi, Kuhmo or the battle sites of the Lapland War in Western Lapland. A private tour takes a deep dive into the history of Finnish wars in the years 1939-45. On the tour, you will see historical sites, experience historical stories and get to know the Finnish "Sisu".
Lassi Piirainen, lieutenant colonel (ret), a doctoral researcher with long experience, acts as your expert guide. He opens colorfully, telling military history from different perspectives and examines things according to different themes.
Battle sites in different locations are explored on all-day bus tours, which typically visit 5 to 8 different destinations. In them, you get to know monuments and original and restored objects. In most towns, it is also possible to visit museums. Some of the targets of the winter war are located near the Russian border. Most of the destinations are near roads, so the walking distances are not long and the routes are generally easy paths. During the day trip, you will see several different destinations, hear many stories and find new perspectives on Finnish history.
The history of wars is a tragic history where people's experiences are emphasized. Building the overall picture can be compared to putting together a puzzle. The expert guide offers you the opportunity to find the right pieces, but you get to experience assembling the puzzle yourself and in this way create your own picture of history.
For a day trip, you need equipment suitable for the weather and season. The price includes tour guidance during the day. Transportation and catering services as well as museum tickets must be ordered and reserved by yourself, but the guide will help in planning the trip if necessary.
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