Villa Cone Beach provides comfort under stars and moonlight.
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Villa Cone Beach – Winter Wilderness Luxury

Dream of your private luxury holiday in the wilds, where you are the only guest. The safe Villa Cone Beach in Finland soon comes into view.

Villa Cone Beach hides in a small and authentic village away from crowded centres. Tourism, let alone mass tourism, is a wholly unknown concern in this secluded Arctic Lakeland paradise. Endless wild taiga forests and hundreds of lakes make the milieu, where winters are snowy and summers turn green. Here you can find your safe haven for comfort and privacy.

You are cared for from the airport arrival to the departure farewell. We serve you alone, and let you be alone when that is your preference. Your activities wait readily available out of doors.

Villa Cone Beach is the perfect holiday setting for families and small groups of friends. It is also ideal for honeymoons and other high points of life.

The ground floor of Villa Cone Beach provides full accessibility.

Contact details

Arctica Estates Hiidentauksentie 59, 88730 Kuhmo +358 400 542 552

Opening hours

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Alkaen 152 €
Villa Cone Beach is readied for Santa to come.
Villa Cone Beach lakefront sauna is waiting for bathers.
The hosting snowfamily warmly welcomes you to Villa Cone Beach.
Winter experiences at a snow iglu built on Villa Cone Beach lake ice.
Kicksledding is real fun on Villa Cone Beach roads and lake ice.
Private snowmobiling takes place at Hiisi Rapids near Villa Cone Beach.
Snowshoeing takes place along Hiisi Rapids near Villa Cone Beach.