The early July highpoint at Arctic Garden is the hundred or so peonies.
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Arctic Garden – Northern Happiness

Discover the wonders of Arctic Garden, an enchanting experiment flourishing in the northern wilderness of Kuhmo, where snowy winters transform into vibrant summers. Arctic Garden is nestled in solitude within Wild Taiga forests and surrounded by pristine lakes. It offers a peaceful retreat, untouched by the hurried pace of everyday life.

During the silent cold months, Arctic Garden lies under a blanket of protective snow, patiently awaiting the summer of Arctic Lakeland. As temperatures rise, a captivating transformation unfolds breathtaking colors and fragrances. Delightful lilies, tulips, peonies, and many other blossoms paint a picturesque scene. Trees, having endured the harsh winter, prepare to bloom, creating a spectacle of renewal. Birds love to sing all day long and bees are busy.

Arctic gardening is a true test of resilience, where hopes and efforts meet the challenges of temperatures that can plummet to -40 °C. It's an experience that not only nurtures the garden but also grows the gardener, who shall humbly accept any setback, and happily try again.

The private Arctic Garden warmly welcomes guests from our luxurious Villa Cone Beach, 24/7. For a closer look, we invite you to explore our website.

Groups are also warmly welcomed to visit the captivating Arctic Garden for a 2-hour exploration. The minimum total price is 230 €. Our dedicated sales team is at your service through email.

Embark on a journey into Arctic Garden, where nature unfolds its wonders!

Contact details

Arctica Estates Hiidentauksentie 59, 88730 Kuhmo +358 400 542 552

Opening hours

Mon 09:00 - 20:00
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Villa Cone Beach lies in the middle of Arctic Garden and at a scenic lake..
Villa Cone Beach lies in the middle of Arctic Garden.
The appearance of Villa Cone Beach and Arctic Garden changes day by day, revealing new facets of beauty with each passing moment.
Aerial view over Arctic Garden and Villa Cone Beach to the south.
Aerial view down to Arctic Garden and Villa Cone Beach nesting alone in wilderness.
The delightful bright blue Forget-me-not spreads like a weed but is harmless at Arctic Garden.