Tar pit burning in Lentiira
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From Pine Tree to Tar Burning Tradition in Lentiira

The Pine tree to pine Tar program introduces you to Lentiira's living tar tradition. The guided tour will introduce you to the history and practical implementation of tar burning tradition.


The pine tar tradition has been a significant part of Finnish cultural history since the 17th century. In Kainuu, tar burning flourished in the 20th century, when 3/4 of Finnish tar was produced in the area. The role of tar in people’s daily lives was significant, as tar was used not only as a wood preservative but also as a medicine against rashes and diseases. Thanks to accelerated demand, tar rose to a significant role in improving the livelihoods of the people of Kainuu alongside agriculture.

After the wars, tar production declined and tar burning has continued on a small scale, above all to maintain local traditions. Lentiira burned the world’s largest tar grave in 2000. Lentiiran Terwa continues to produce processed tar for various uses such as wood preservation, hoof care, steam tar and the food industry.

GUIDED PROGRAM: From Pine tree to pine tar burning (2h)

- History of the local tar tradition and its use today
- Soup lunch in Pirtti includes soup, bread, coffee and desserts
- Price 43€/person (minimum 8)

Get familiar with the pine tar tradition conducted in Lentiira! During the tour, we will visit the tar grave setting and watch a film about the local heritage. In addition to the history of pine tar production, we will demonstrate tar products and their historical and contemporary use. Products can also be purchased for souvenirs. Request a quote for your group.

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