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Selkäsaari Paddling Adventure for Two

Get familiar with the beautiful village landscape from the waterside! Selkäsaari paddling adventure allows you to admire the rocky lakeshore landscapes and marvel at the baby waterfowl swimming leisurely in the beach grass. For nature photographers, a paddling trip offers completely new shooting opportunities from the waterside perspective.

Paddling is suitable for anyone who enjoys peaceful yet little adventurous outdoor life in the wilds. Since the route is within sight of the resort, you can experience this adventure independently and still with complete safety, without fear of getting lost or too tired.

The paddling package includes short briefing accompanied by a route map, a canoe, life jackets and our survival package*.


To start with, we will meet at the Lentiira Holiday village's reception where you will learn everything you need to know about the route, weather and safety measures making sure that you have everything you need in addition to the map and paddling accessories. We will accompany the paddlers to the lakeshore and help you with boarding.

Selkäsaari island is located within sight of Lentiira Holiday Village and thus it offers a safe and easy tour spot for beginners. According to our suggested route, you will circle the island clockwise. You can easily stay on track by following the coastline.

Selkäsaari island has an area of ​​21 hectares and a circumference of about three kilometers. You can land on the island with every man's right.

After paddling around the island, you can continue the adventure to the nearby Kirveskansa church monument.

The return route runs along the shoreline dotted with summer cottages. At Lentiira Holiday Village's kota tipii, you can prepare coffee with the pan and fire-making equipment included in the survival package*. The canoe and equipment will be returned to Lentiira Holiday Village at the end of the trip.

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