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Moose Watching in Lentiira Arctic Lakeland

Experience the Thrill of Moose Watching in Lentiira!
Unleash your sense of adventure on an extraordinary moose watching tour in Lentiira, led by a skilled hunting dog and an avid outdoor enthusiast. This captivating tour is designed to immerse you in the heart of the moose's natural habitat, allowing you to witness and capture mesmerizing moments up close. Get ready to discover the untouched wilderness of the Kainuu region like never before.

Our expert hunting dog, guided by its remarkable olfactory senses, will lead you to the moose's hidden trails. Cutting-edge GPS tracking devices keep tabs on the dog's movements, ensuring an enthralling experience. As the dog's bark signals the moose's presence, you'll find yourself in the perfect spot to observe its majestic movements. And who knows? Your adventure might just unveil other elusive forest dwellers like forest reindeer, bears, wolverines, or even the enigmatic wolf.

But that's not all. While awaiting the signal, you'll explore diverse landscapes, from lush coniferous forests to tranquil swamps and mirror-like lakes. Depending on the season, you might even have the chance to pluck ripe blueberries, tangy lingonberries, or exquisite mushrooms straight from the forest floor.

What to Expect on the Moose Tour:
Your day kicks off with a hearty breakfast at Lentiira Lomakylä's charming Pirtti restaurant. Equip your phone with our tracking software, ensuring you're ready for action. After gearing up and double-checking your outfit, you'll savor mouthwatering meals around crackling campfires. Our guide's vehicle comfortably accommodates two to three travelers, while larger groups are welcome to use their own vehicles for convenience.

Essential Insights:
Prepare for a stroll covering several kilometers, tracing the dog's steps and the moose's path. The terrain offers a mix of stream crossings and gentle elevation changes, adding to the excitement.

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