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Kuhmo Winter War Tour – Saunajärvi defense station

At the beginning of the Winter War, Saunajärvi's lake cape was the main defensive position of the Finns, despite its offensive mission. The road from Kuhmo turned into a cart road leading east at Saunajärvi. The area had been fortified during extra exercises.

Battles at Saunajärvi in ​​December 1939

The main part of the Finnish Separate Battalion 14 gathered at the defense station when the war broke out on November 30, 1939. The transfer from Kuhmo to the Saunajärvi defense station began early in the morning. The morale of the troops was good and there was no hesitation.

The battle contact at Saunajärvi was achieved at the head of the attacking enemy 118th Mountain Infantry Regiment on December 2. The enemy tried to find out the structure of the defense with reconnaissance attacks, which were repelled quite easily. At the same time, it was noticed that the enemy was directing his troops north of Lake Alasenjärvi, where the 1st company, which was in reserve, was sent. However, the entire 337th Mountain Infantry Regiment under the command of Major Tsurilov was in Koukakkama, so the 1st company was unable to repel the attack. The entire battalion had to be ordered to withdraw due to the threat of encirclement on December 5 at around 10 pm. The Finnish troops were able to withdraw in good order towards the Rasti area, pursued by the enemy.

Saunajärvi turf battles

Thanks to the Finnish 9th Division's counterattack, a large motte was created in February 1940 on the west side of the Saunajärvi watershed, in the Kannas house area. The Red Army troops then took advantage of the defense position made by the Finns. Finnish troops cut off the road on the east side of Saunajärvi on January 29 and on the west side on February 6. The strong enemy in the moti could not be destroyed, and after peace came, about 1,500 soldiers survived the moti.

In 1984, the Kainuu brigade rebuilt a dugout, a machine gun emplacement and part of a battle trench north of Saunajärventie.

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