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Pajakka rapids

Near the city center, there’s a stunning recreation area called Pajakka. The Pajakka River merges Kuhmo’s extensive lake and river systems, flowing through three rapids (Pajakkakoski, Akonkoski, and Saarikoski) towards Lake Ontojärvi. Pajakkakoski is the largest free-flowing river in Kainuu by water volume, stretching approximately 450 meters. In the late 1800s, this was the route where tar boats were rowed towards Oulu.

Pajakka is a crucial migratory fish river, an interesting fishing spot, and was chosen as a local fishing destination in 2017. More information can be found on Kalallakainuussa.fi.

Visitors can admire the rapids up close by following a constructed path along the riverbank, starting from near the bridge. This path is part of the so-called Rantaraitti (Riverside Walk), which starts from the Kuhmo House located on the shores of Lammasjärvi and winds its way through the lake scenery towards Pajakkakoski. Along this route, those exploring cultural sites can pass by locations such as the library, Tuupala Museum, and the Chamber Music Center.

The entire route can be explored via this link: Outdoor Active Link (https://www.outdooractive.fi/fi

For those looking to grill sausages, the nearest campfire site is right by the riverbank. Additionally, a trail from near the bridge leads to an open fire site, approximately 2 km away. This spot is accessible by car as well.

By the riverside, you’ll find Kuhmo City Library, and across from the rapids is the former vicarage, Ikola. Ikola vicarage built in 1811 is one of Kuhmo’s oldest buildings. Over the years, the vicarage has undergone renovations, and visitors can stroll along the path surrounding it.

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