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The Church of Karelian Enlighteners

Kuhmo has long been a neighboring region to Viena Karelia. The close ties with Viena Karelia have had a significant impact, with Karelian culture being strongly present in Kuhmo.

The atmospheric church, dedicated to the memory of Karelian enlighteners in Kuhmo, was designed by architecture graduate Paavo Joensalo, and Archbishop Paul consecrated the sanctuary for use in 1968. Situated in the midst of a pine forest, the church serves as a place of reflection for two weeks in July (July 9th to 22nd, 2023), during which it’s also open to visitors.

The icons for the church’s iconostasis were obtained from Kuopio. In 1990, the prayer room was renovated and that same year, it was consecrated as a church.

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