Lentiiran kirkko talvella iltahämärässä
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Lentiira Church

The wooden church, designed by architect Hannu Pyykkönen from Suomussalmi and built by Lake Lentiira, operates as a wayside church and a place for contemplation during the summer.

Large windows on the altar wall provide a direct view of the Kainuu region’s nature. The altar cross, designed by Klaus von Matt, incorporates wood, textiles, and glass in its sculpture.

Lentiira’s current church was constructed in 1991 on the foundation of the previous stone church. The former log church fell victim to arson in 1989. The wing of the church, housing the parish hall, was completed in 1979. The organ, a 14-stop instrument, was built by the Organ Workshop Tuomi.

The church is accessible for all and offers free parking.

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Kuhmon kaupunki Lentiiran kirkkotie 51, 88930 Lentiira kuhmo.seurakunta@evl.fi +358 44 738 4326

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