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Lentua rapids and Lentua Lake

Lentua rapids and Lake Lentua are the most famous and popular natural attractions in Kuhmo, located approximately 15 km from the city center (directions from the Kuhmo-Suomussalmi road onto Lentuankoskentie for about 3 km, then a right turn). The nature of Lentua offers an unforgettable experience and photographic opportunities at all times of day and year. The lake comprises extensive open waters, sheltered island mazes, rugged rocky shores, and golden shimmering sandy beaches.

Lentuankoski rapids of Iso Lentuankoski (Big Lentua Rapids) and Pikku Lentuankoski (Small Lentua Rapids), covering an area of approximately 1200 meters. Through the rapids originating from Lake Lentua, there’s a water route to Lammasjärvi and towards Kuhmo’s center.

Stone bridges and duckboards placed over the rocky ground along the riverbank ease access to the rapids. There’s also accessible entry to the riverside and a walkway to the head of Iso Lentuankoski (Big Lentua Rapids).

These rapids are a popular fishing spot for anglers. More detailed information can be found on: Kalallakainuussa.fi.

Parking is available near the shore. On the right, you’ll see the natural landscape of Lentua Lake. Some parts of Lentua are nature reserves, making it an excellent destination for water excursions. On the left, you’ll start to see the rapids. The lake is best accessed by canoe or boat. The boat launch area is adjacent to the parking lot.
Lentua’s islands offer maintained campfire spots and lean-tos for water travelers, along with an uninhabited hut on Lehtosaari Island.

The large Kota (a traditional Finnish hut) by the shore can be rented. It accommodates up to 20 people and is intended for day use only.

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