Vaietut arktiset sodat -digisotanäyttely

Untold Arctic Wars – Digital War History Exhibition in Kuhmo

The digital Untold Arctic Wars exhibition is based on the tv series of the same name that premiered on the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle’s Channel 1 in 2022. The internationally award-winning series handles the least-known events of the Second World War in the Arctic area.

The exhibition consists of entities collected on touch screens that visitors can examine and study at their own pace. In addition, there is a short film focusing on the first moments of the Second World War in the arctic area. Together with the Winter War Museum, the exhibition is an interesting war history destination.

Visual digital exhibition

Over 100 animated 3D maps with an unprecedented amount of statistics on the events of the Second World War were created for the tv show. In addition, over 600 black and white photographs were coloured and converted to 3D. Only a fraction of this material was used in the series.

  • The digital exhibition gives people more time to admire, study and digest the content of the visual elements and statistics, compared to the tv series. Also, the exhibition material provides many new details and facts not shown in the series for those interested in history. This is why I think it’s great that we are able to publish an unprecedented combination of material in a new and innovative form, says Teemu Hostikka from NTRNZ media, the creator of the exhibition concept and the format of the original series.

A chain of digital exhibitions is being prepared in various locations in the Nordic countries, with each exhibition focusing on a topic and era of its own. The first exhibition opened in Kuhmo with an emphasis on arctic warfare and the Winter War.

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